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Bloodwing hails from the depths of the Underworld, where black caverns are filled with glistening petrified crystal forests. Witch-queen of the faerie folk, with the blood of an ancient lineage, she plays the dark and hypnotic sounds of goa music. Her legendary song-spells have caused mountains to crumble and have brought whole armies to their knees.

Bloodwing's first dose of the Goa Psychedelic was with scraps of music she found on the internet. When the music found her soul she passionately learned the art of DJing and began to mix on WKNC 88.1 FM alongside Shoom. She quickly began to show her skills with an intricate mixing and a catalog of Goa from the ancient days.

Many parties, raves, and shows later she helps direct on the Goa-Psy, PsyChill, and Progressive Psy channels on DI.FM. No stranger to big time events she has performed at T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi's Equinox in NC, Spacecamp Psyfari in MN, and Cosmic Egg's Quantum Regeneration in MN. She is always prepared to give a serious Goa mindswirl to all who dare listen.

Bloodwing is also half of the projects Sanguine Mandragoa and The Lotus Eaters with Shoom.

Goa & Psy Trance Mixes
SpaceCamp Psyfari 2013 (Goa Trance)
Rave in Peace
Off World Mystic
Equinox 2012 (Goa Trance)

PsyChill Mixes

SpaceCamp Psyfari 2013 (PsyDub)
The Hanging Gardens
Finding the Wolf Spirit
Equinox 2012 (Goa Chill)

Progressive, Tribal & Techno Mixes

Tribal Release

Competition Mixes

The Hanging Gardens
Hecanate – Trance Culture
Kushy Clouds
Psychic Awareness