For time immemorial plants and fungi have been interlinked with the evolution of mankind. Plants and fungi have been used for food, medicine, clothing, shelter, education, and spiritual awareness. Ethnobotany and ethnomycology are the studies of the interactions of plants and fungi with human cultures. Information on this subject is provided here for educational purposes.
Shoom authored resources below
Ethnomycology of the World
     Goa-Shoom.Net's sister website devoted to the understanding of how mushrooms (or more specifically, fungi) have impacted our world.

Cannabis: A brief history
     A short description concerning the history of marijuana (Cannabis spp.).

Vines of the Serpent: A morning glory ethnobotanical
     A research article on the use of Morning Glory seeds (Ipomea violacea and Rivea corymbosa) by the Mesoamericans, as well as the plant's chemistry and profound cultural impact.

Salvia divinorum: The Diviner's Sage
     A description of the psychoactive Salvia species.