Mixtress Bloodwing – Voices


Release Date: December 18, 2011

Genre: Winter’s Psychedelic Chill

Description: The trees whisper in the wind, the grasslands hum a soft song. The voices of nature are clear to those that would listen. The burial mounds of old spring forth flowers of new life. The Sun returns after the longest night to bare witness to the green spirit once more.


01. Hallucinogen in Dub – Angelic Particles (Buckminster Mix)
02. Total Eclipse – The Pendulum
03. Mystery of the Yeti – A ‘Welcome’ To All Extra Terrestrials
04. Tor.Ma In Dub – Imaginate
05. Nitin Sawhney – Acquired Dreams
06. Shpongle – Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit
07. Androcell – Neurosomatic Circuit (Brain Waves Mix)
08. Prometheus – Robot-O-Chan
09. Ott – 382 Seaside
10. Younger Brother – Ribbon On A Branch
11. Celtic Cross – Khatmandu
12. Mystery of the Yeti – The Yeti Revelation / Sacred Communication
13. Younger Brother – Crumblenaut
14. Younger Brother – System 700
15. Shpongle – A New Way To Say ‘Hooray’
16. Seahorse Transform – Intergalactic Voice
17. Hallucinogen in Dub Live – Angelic Particles

Length: 118:53

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