Troll Food

DJ Shoom – Troll Food


Release Date: September 6, 2010

Genre: Dark Forest Trance

Description: Walk the forgotten paths of the dread forest. Ettenmoors carved from heathen magic and barbarian treachery. These pagan lands are cursed with the foul and wicked. Trolls feed on the weak minded.


01. Flying Scorpions – Avari (Raivovajari Mix)
02. Texas Faggott – Harry Blotter
03. Igor Swamp – Suonsilmassa
04. Alienation – Funky Demons Night
05. Kindzadza vs Ocelot – Quack Attack
06. Absolum – Evil Dead (Remix)
07. Loke – Circle Censing
08. Freaks Of Nature – Crazy Old Man
09. Audiopathic – Mauvaise
10. Antiserum – Rambo Style
11. The Nommos – Iboga

Length: 61:02

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