The Navi Connection

Sanguine Mandragoa – The Navi Connection


Release Date: April 20, 2010

Genre: Nature’s Fury

Description: Plug into the Gaian Mind and awaken your inner self. Choose your path among the cosmic trail. As we connect to our universal oneness, we assimilate our knowledge into a grand collective. Sometimes this knowledge can be heard through ritual dance and music.


01. Medicine Drum feat. Kenji Williams – Seralem
02. Space Tribe – You Can Be A Shiva
03. Celestus – Welcome To Planet Nice
04. Antares – Aurora
05. Afghin – From The Heart (Tribute To Wonderboy)
06. Astrancer – Namaskara Mudra
07. X-Dream – Psychoactivitiy
08. Astral Projection – People Can Fly
09. Asia 2001 – Last Survivors
10. Matenda – You Can Run But You Can’t Hide
11. Noma – Instant Delivery
12. Delirious – Full Moon
13. Synchro – Drugs And Babes
14. Cujorious One – Suck Me Sideways

Length: 82:24

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