The Mysteries

DJ Shoom – The Mysteries


Release Date: December 21, 2013

Genre: Winter Solstice Ritual

Description: The Moon graces us for her longest stay, bringing with her the cold of the wind, and the clarity of the night sky. As she slowly descends into the underworld, the Sun finally return to us, bringing the light of the new year. This is a time for meditation and reflection.


01. Ishq – Fire Salamander
02. Jairamji – Temple
03. Ochi Brothers – Sandhiprakash
04. Makyo – Soar Angelic
05. Adham Shaikh – Kundalini Fuel
06. Adham Shaikh – Indu (Turned Leaf Mix)
07. Suns of Arqa – Noor Sarang
08. Ishq – Yu
09. Azam Ali & Laga R. Torkian – Winter Forest
10. Ethereal – Accessing Infinity (Remix)
11. Nebula Meltdown – Breakfast on the Balcony

Length: 119:52


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