The Hanging Gardens

 Mixtress Bloodwing – The Hanging Gardens

Mixtress Bloodwing - The Hanging GardensRelease Date: April 22, 2013

Genre: DnB PsyDub

Description: Winner of the unofficial 420 DJ Competition 2013 at the DJ Booth (now known as Community Competitions) forum at Digitally Imported.  This set placed 1st out of 5 entries.
The Mixtress invites you into her magickal hanging gardens. A tranquil retreat filled with the energy of plants and the power of their spirits. Drink the nectar of the herb and relax.


00. Sacred Weeds – Fly Agaric
01. Hallucinogen in Dub Live – Dark Persuasion
02. Capsula – Golden Orb
03. Androcell – Synchromystic
04. Future Loop Foundation – Spirit Catcher
05. Eat Static – Holy Stone
06. Shpongle – Ineffable Mysteries
07. The Peaking Goddess – Star Peace
08. Phutureprimitive – Spanish Fly (Flamenco Dub Pt.1)

Length: 61:30

You can find DI user posts on this mix at the Digitally Imported forum or feel free to leave your comments below!

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