The Chronicler

DJ Shoom – The Chronicler


Release Date: June 21, 2009

Genre: Goa from the Tribe to the Stars

Description: The Shoom alone chronicles the tale of ancestral humans dancing on the Earthstage. A warrior bard whom knows the future and predicts events through manipulation of sound. This tale was told on the summer solstice. The midsummer night time pagan celebration of Litha.


01. Abraxis – The Shining Path
02. Slacker – Scared (POB Seismix)
03. DJ 3000 – Drume
04. Sonic Fusion – Tribal Warrior
05. Jikooha – Red Road
06. Primal Source – Kundalini: The Cosmic Anaconda
07. Radical Distortion – Sunrise Zone
08. Artifact303 – Energy Waves (Positive Mix)
09. Cyberion – Linked Souls
10. Benza – Escalation of Tensions
11. Koxbox – Stratosfearless
12. DJ Baba G – Dig A Jug

Length: 73:36

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