Starting Over

DJ Shoom – Starting Over


Release Date: June 19, 2011

Genre: Elder Goa Rebirth

Description: Everything is changing into something else. This continual metamorphosis of energy into matter and matter back into energy propels all that makes up the universe. As an individual loses sense of self in a polluted construct of society, that individual must retain their very core, their very essence in order to return anew. Relearning your genetic memory allows you to be again what you once were.


01. Shpongle – I Am You
02. Blue Foundation – Sweep (Jim Rivers Dub)
03. Young Braves – Warriors Groove (Poltergeist Remix)
04. Eat Static – Intruder
05. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom – Lunar Church
06. Kali – Dose, 1 or 2 Pills?
07. Slinky Wizard – Beautiful People (Bus Remix)
08. Wizzy Noise – Process
09. Orichalcum – Wicked Mille
10. Asia 2001 – Super JV
11. Psygone – Spirit of the Jungle
12. Mandala – Utopia
13. Hallucinogen – Shakey Shaker
14. Slide – The Search
15. Benza – Duck and Cover
16. Jira – Virtual Vortex
17. Indica – Reality Expansion
18. Quadra – The Tunnel
19. Cyberbabas – The First Revelation Part Two
20. Shpongle – The Seventh Revelation

Length: 120:20

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