SpaceCamp Psyfari 2013 (PsyDub)

Bloodwing @ SpaceCamp Psyfari: Aliens in Atlantis 2013 (PsyDub)

SpaceCamp Psyfari 2013 flier

Release Date: September 1, 2013

Genre: Mesocyclone Dub

Description: This set was performed at SpaceCamp Psyfari: Aliens in Atlantis 2013 on September 1 in Lucas, IA, USA. The timeslot it was intended for was 5:30am after a techno set, however due to a very severe storm (which may have possibly spawned a tornado), this set was performed 4 hours later than intended at 9:30am.


00. Shiva3 – Intro
01. Opsy – Rubber Duck
02. Side Liner – Danae (Instrumental Long Mix)
03. Phutureprimative – Luminous featuring Alyssa Palmer (Former Self Mix)
04. Space Buddha – Fly High
05. Hallucinogen in Dub – Spiritual Antiseptic (Minty Fresh Confidence Mix)
06. Androcell – Endless Wonder
07. The Peaking Goddess Collective – Being Transformation
08. Shpongle – Tickling the Amygdala
09. Master Margherita – Antaris

Length: 63:40

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