Shadow Governments

DJ Shoom – Shadow Governments


Release Date: November 4, 2008

Genre: Goa from the All Seeing Eye

Description: The veil of illusion has clouded our eyes. Lift this veil. Abolish the system that controls you. Resist the shadow governments that seek control of our planet. We act out civil disobedience in this age of capitalistic domination. Free your mind from the enslavement of material notions, arise as a true human being.  This set was used in Herbal Remedies (November 2008).


01. Organic Noise – The Labyrinth
02. Xenomorph – 911 Inside Job
03. Three Point Turn – Thriller
04. Itaitaiko – How Low Saruman
05. Analog Pussy – Audio Santo Remix
06. Little Blue Men – Megamorphosis
07. Electric Universe – Online Information
08. Bypass Unit – Weird Monkey
09. Dimension 5 -Psychic Influence
10. The Electric Melon – Hysterisis
11. Digital Sun – Triptosaurus

Length: 63:34

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