Replicant’s Cure

Neo Noir – Replicant’s Cure


Release Date: December 23, 2012

Genre: Techno Noir ambient cyberpunk atmospheres

Description: Each organism on this planet suffers from the same fate, a termination code embedded deep within its very own genetic sequence. Those of artificial life have knowledge of the end-game signal and must live within the confines of its foreshadow. A cure for this fate is the replicant’s only hope.


01. Vangelis – End Title
02. Sync24 – 1N50MN14
03. Altair – Outsider Looking In
04. Potlatch – The First Trip
05. Aligning Minds – You’ll Wade Through It
06. Phutureprimitive – Kinetik
07. Side Liner feat. Kerensa Stephens – Dreamer
08. Eguana – Three Flying Elephants
09. Robodop Snei – Strange Ongoings
10. Aes Dana – Riven
11. Omnimotion & I Awake – Rebooting Daisy
12. Galaxy – Introspection
13. Aes Dana – Low Tide Explorations

Length: 79:32

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