Rave Culture

Mixtress Bloodwing – Rave Culture


Release Date: March 25, 2009

Genre: Esoteric goa

Description: Join the Mixtress for a calculation of Material Dance Motion Alchemy. A rite of passage for some, a trial by dance for others. Revel in Living System Dynamics. The Hypersonic Chrystal shines a beacon of sound. As the people loose sight of their surroundings and become entranced by the sound and mutual dance, energy potential is released. Capture this Divine Memory Truth. A call back to genetic pasts, previous histories, ancient lives.


01. Ticon – Input, Output, Kaput
02. Pizzaman – Gottaman (distant drum mix)
03. Synchro – 2 Kool for Skool
04. Zorba feat. Chicago – Chicago Hype
05. Eat Static – Xenomorph
06. ID – ID
07. Matenda – Energy Loader
08. DJ Nitrogen – This Is My Fate
09. Three Drives on a Vinyl – Greece 2000 (m.w.n.n. rmx)
10. The Knife – The Bridge
11. Synchro – Next Stop Oblivion
12. X-Dream – The First (Club Mix)
13. Tycho – Hallelujah
14. Overloards – Gods Eye on Goa
15. Gus Til – Something’s Always Out There
16. AMK – System Dance
17. The Mato Project – I’m Not Coming Back
18. Tea Chairz – Weak Structures
19. Indica – Fairy Tale’s
20. Astrancer – Ashram
21. 12 Moons – Beacon
22. AMK – Angry Mood

Length: 126:23

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