Mixtress Bloodwing – Quetzalcoatl


Release Date: June 24, 2012

Genre: Night Gathering Psychedelic

Description: The darkest groves of the jungle are where we prepare ourselves for the night gathering. The return of the Feathered One, the Cosmic Serpent. Sacrifices are made, blood allowed to flow. Dark magic is summoned from the forest and given to the Night Spirit.


01. Opsy – Haustor
02. The Nommos – The Mask
03. Drumatik – A Matter of Energy
04. Prodigal Sun – Life Mission
05. Guinea Pigs – Goodbye Sanity
06. Battle Of The Future Buddhas – Dante
07. Para Halu On the Path – Methedrine Wave
08. Xenomorph – The Pit And The Pendulum
09. Talpa – Rebirth
10. Shiva3 – Scotland Trolls
11. M.E.E.O. – Recorde De La Tisco
12. Battle Of The Future Buddhas – Morron
13. Orion – Akeru
14. The Nommos – San Dance
15. Hada – Two Weeks
16. The Grobians – Flatulent Swamp
17. Cydonia – Cactus
18. M.E.E.O – Loads Of Laughter
19. Ka-Sol – Chill Em All (Trollmors Dub)

Length: 103:49

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2 thoughts on “Quetzalcoatl”

  1. This mix has an AMAZING power!!! The vibrations of the tunes are INCREDIBLE!! I know I decided to leave a comment but this is because I wanted to say with words that it’s hard to describe such a beauty! πŸ™‚

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