Off World Mystic

Mixtress Bloodwing – Off World Mystic

Mixtress Bloodwing - Off World Mystic

Release Date: February 18, 2013

Genre: Mystifying Goa

Description: Mixtress Bloodwing presents her demo mix for the 2013 year. This set was recorded with Audacity on two CDJ-800MK2’s and a DJM-900nexus mixer.
Leave the terrestrial home behind and journey off world in search for something new and mysterious. The alien planets that dwell among the stars contain the strange and unusual, and only through direct experience can you understand the mystical knowledge within.


01. System Beat – Bass Porridge
02. Organic Noise – The Vacuum
03. Antares – Mysticism
04. Ufomatka – Vega
05. Innerspace – Innerspace
06. Inspirali – Rocket No. 11
07. Hypnagogia – Secrets Of The Mind
08. Sheyba – Trance Africa Express
09. Persistent Aura – House of Sun
10. Mandra Gora – Wicked Warp
11. Goasia – Parasomnia
12. Oforia – Big Bang
13. Jikooha – Everything’s Spiritual
14. Antares – Dreaming Universe

Length: 94:41

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