Mixtress Bloodwing – Mulderbosch

Mixtress Bloodwing - Mulderbosch

Release Date: June 30, 2008

Genre: Broken Glass Goa

Description: From the unofficial Summer Jam 2008 DJ Competition at the DJ Booth (now known as Community Competitions) forum at Digitally Imported.  This set placed 7th out of 13 entries.


01. Analog Pussy – Discotek
02. Eat Static – De-Classified
03. God Damn Ninjas – Rovboc
04. M.E.E.O. – Mandelbitter
05. Ka-Sol – Sticky Web
06. Endora – Joy
07. Digitalis – Rapid Eye
08. Eat Static – Tractor Beam
09. Hallucinogen – Solstice (Bass monkey mix)

Length: 50:29

2 thoughts on “Mulderbosch”

  1. Really glad this is up. But I don’t think the 3rd track is labelled correctly since a youtube search brings a song that has the appropriate Bladerunner smaple

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