Monkey Shrine

Mixtress Bloodwing – Monkey Shrine


Release Date: June 20, 2010

Genre: Simian Solstice

Description: The mischievous monkey is clever enough to find a path into the temple. Within these hallowed halls the golden monkey statue radiates with energy. Cunning and intelligence are bestowed upon any who touch it.


01. Torakka – Plastic Spliff Up Boogie
02. Shapestatic – Dance Medicine
03. Slap – Wah Wah
04. M.E.E.O. – Dumble My Humble
05. GMS – The Crow
06. Digital Sun – Strange Things
07. Ka-Sol – Ambientnot
08. Prodigal Sun – Space Crawler
09. The Nommos – Breath Thru It
10. HyperChrome – Twisting Tower
11. Delirious – Full Moon
12. Subconsciousmind – iRemberem oGa
13. Mandala – Spirit Tribe
14. Undercover – Mission One
15. Black Sun feat. Bryan Barret – Cosmic Courier

Length: 100:32

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