Meditative Representation

Mixtress Bloodwing – Meditative Representation


Release Date: April 2, 2009

Genre: Entheogenic chill

Description: From the unofficial 420 DJ Competition 2009 at the DJ Booth (now known as Community Competitions) forum at Digitally Imported.  This set tied for 4th place out of 22 entries.
Breath. Relax. Enter a meditative repose. A reverie to strengthen the mind and persist in a mental state.


01. Mystery of the Yeti – The Yeti Revelation, Sacred Communication
02. Shpongle – Vapour Rumours
03. Psychoz – Flute
04. 1200 Micrograms – 1001 Arabian Nights
05. Amaris Project – Intro
06. Shpongle – Exhalation
07. Mystery of the Yeti – A ‘Welcome’ To All Extra Terrestrials

Length: 46:40

You can find DI user posts on this mix at the Digitally Imported forum or feel free to leave your comments below!

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