Mixtress Bloodwing – Maleficarum


Release Date: March 16, 2010

Genre: Illegal Dark Magic

Description: Forbidden long ago by the Illuminated Ones, the Maleficar practice dark magic of an ancient origin. The chaotic force of nature combined with spirits of the dead conjured a sorcery known only in infamy.


01. Xenomorph – Gehinom
02. Para Halu – Stack Over Flow (rmx)
03. Para Halu – In Nomine
04. ID – ID
05. Nexus – League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
06. Derango – Confusion is Next
07. Arsenic – Triangle Circle
08. The Nommos – Spiralspheres
09. Samadhi – Ohmphorce
10. Metalaxis – Numbers and Symbols
11. Xenomorph – Secret Satanic Hierarchy

Length: 69:59

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