Longest Night

DJ Shoom – Longest Night


Release Date: December 18, 2010

Genre: Winter Solstice Ambient and PsyChill

Description: The longest night of the year is marked by the setting of the winter solstice sun. This time of year marks the end of our journey through nocturnal darkness and begins are transition to solar worship. Watch the full moon as she dances her final dance.


01. Tom & Gijs – Whale
02. Sysyphe – Ashes
03. Papa Legba – Greek Opium
04. Ginza Spy – Osaka Night
05. Enterprise – Eniac
06. Puff Dragon – Chinese Radio
07. Ra – Light Receiver
08. Merr0w – Blue Planet
09. GMS – Houston, We Have A Problem
10. Quadra – Sacred Visions
11. Tandu – New Aura
12. Moravec – Hyperion
13. Torma.in.Dub feat. Denisse – About Love (Remix to Dawn Penn)
14. Bluetech – Green Sophia (Gnosis Mix)
15. Roommate & Moksha – One Direction
16. Dr. Toast – Yayou
17. Hallucinogen In Dub – Mi-Loony-Um (‘A Floating Butterfly Stings Like A Bee’ Mix)
18. Industrial Suicide Tribe – Aqua Sufi
19. Evan Marc & Steve Hillage – Resurface

Length: 145:00

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