DJ Shoom – Indigenous


Release Date: October 25, 2009

Genre: Naturalist ritual music

Description: Remember the ways of your archaic ancestors. From the forgotten past, the ancient technique of ecstasy manifested itself for a people that needed to understand their purpose on this planet. From those original drum beats and from those first patterns of dance emerged a conscious mind that understood the beauty of the natural world. Remember this time, remember this truth.


00. Wakan Tanka – Great Mystery (Shamanic Shoom)
01. David & Steve Gordon – Sunrise Ritual (Deep Earth Mix)
02. Makyo – Swords
03. Rain In Eden – Haqiqa
04. Jef Stott – Saracen (Eye of Horus Vocal Mix)
05. Makyo – Clarity (Soft Prana Rmx)
06. Adam Shaikh – Beyond I
07. Kaya Project – Raag to Ragga
08. Amira Saqati – The Cobra Dance
09. Taichi Masuda – Drum Solo
10. Makyo – Parandeh
11. Brent Lewis – Reflections

Length: 58:26

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