bloodwing - hide and seek

Hide and Seek

Mixtress Bloodwing – Hide and Seek

bloodwing - hide and seek

 Release Date: November 18, 2008

Genre: Hide ‘n’ Seek Pop

Description: From the unofficial The Usual Suspects “Guess the DJ Competition” 2008 at the DJ Booth (now known as Community Competitions) forum at Digitally Imported. Of the 15 DJs and 17 voters no one guessed this set belonged to Bloodwing.  She shares “first place” with three other DJs whose sets also mislead listeners.


01. Gorillaz – Dare
02. O. Walters – I Can’t Sleep
03. Savage Garden – I Want You (Getmeouttathisclub mix)
04. Darren Hayes – Spin
05. No Mercy, Cintron, & Marty – Do You Want Me
06. Gizelle D’Cole & Elvis Crespo – Come Baby Come
07. Jamiroquai – Use the Force

Length: 30:26

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