Fuck the System

DJ Shoom – Fuck the System


Release Date: September 2, 2008

Genre: Militant Psy

Description: After a run in with promoters of the fear-mongering group D.A.R.E., DJ Shoom backlashed against the liars with this psychedelic militant blast. This set was used in Herbal Remedies (September 2008).


01. Salakavala – Teboil
02. Drumatik – Winterblues
03. Xenomorph – Fate of Alderaan
04. Entropy – The Messenger
05. Talpa – No More Goblins
06. Xenomorph – Tree Of Death
07. Wizard Lizard – Beat Crasher
08. Para Halu On The Path – Radar
09. Droidlock – Just Another Simulation
10. GMS – The Last Block
11. Pleiadians – Alcyone
12. Tripswitch – Exiled (Gaudi Remix)

Length: 69:38

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