Flight of the Agaric

DJ Shoom – Flight of the Agaric


Release Date: December 18, 2011

Genre: Waning Sunlight Downtempo

Description: The last night of darkness, when the moon herself moves to the rhythm of the music. Hear for yourself the resonance that manifests from the shaman’s stick and drum. The night that lingers is filled with the colors of ecstatic trance. The movement of the soul is joined with the sensations of the flesh. The consciousness flies free with the agaric.


01. Zymosis – 3 Ways To The Moon
02. Will Loconto – Elfsong Remix
03. Chronos & C.J. Catalizer – Unknown Civilizations
04. Younger Brother – Evil & Harm
05. Shpongle – When Shall I Be Free?
06. Seahorse Transform – Paradigm Warp
07. Kliment – Travels To The Infinite
08. Ephemereal Mists – Eastern Channels
09. Max Maxwell & TKY – Twilight
10. Lumin – Napali
11. Kaya Project – The Fortress
12. Drumspyder – Suadade Do Sahara
13. Drumspyder – Ramallah
14. Julien Majorel – Beyrouth Enjoy
15. Kick Bong – Darkeion
16. Kilowatts – Azure
17. Eat Static – Invasion
18. Nalepa – Pomme Granite Dub
19. Bluetech – Three Worlds
20. Ripple – Sunday Morning Dub

Length: 95:21

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