Eyes Unclouded

DJ Shoom – Eyes Unclouded


Release Date: June 29, 2009

Genre: Meditative music

Description: Don’t be fooled by the false stimuli of your surroundings, look deeper into the sound. See with eyes unclouded by preconceived notions and hereditary ignorance. At the heart of understanding lies Nature. This Gaian frequency of experience pulls us into the mystical world around us.


1. Merr0w – Lured by the Nymphs
2. DJ Zen & Jade – Speak Your Mind
3. Bandarlog – The Lizard of Oz
4. Khooman – Long and Slow
5. Psychoz – Legacy
6. Shiva – Pagan Move
7. Tripswitch – Shamanic Tea
8. Shpongle – New Way To Say ‘Hooray’
9. The Infinity Project – Mystical Experiences

Length: 61:19

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