Escape into Hyperspace

DJ Shoom – Escape into Hyperspace


Release Date: February 15, 2013

Genre: Goaspace

Description: We are on our voyage through time, accelerating until we reach the edge of the Universe. With time running out, the inhabitants of the known galaxies pursue the farthest reaches of space-time. An infinite spiral through hyperspace.


01. Jikooha – Mindate to the Hyperspace
02. Goasia – Solar Storm
03. Trinodia – Arietis
04. Pandemicus – Out of Space
05. Mandala – Wonderland
06. Genetic Interface – Microdot In Islamabad
07. Yamabikaya – Spiral Dog’s Tail
08. Human Blue – Sandal Wood
09. Spectral – Celtic Alchemy
10. Typhoon – Portnawack
11. Width – Introduction

Length: 64:19

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