Equinox 2013 Opening (Goa Chill)

Sanguine Mandragoa @ Equinox 2013 – Opening (Goa Chill)

Equinox 2013Release Date: September 20, 2013

Genre: Mabon Goa Chill

Description: As dusk approached the mountain valley and filled the area with the shadows from the forest, Sanguine Mandragoa began the ritual of psychedelic awareness. Through the teachings of the Appalachia and under the sanction of the Harvest Moon, they brewed an elixir of esoteric knowledge that kindled the minds of all who were near.


01. Azam Ali & Loga Ramin Torkian – Maya
02. Akshan – Solar Cycle 24
03. Ra – Shift
04. Essential Trip – Rise
05. Akshan – Back To The Origin
06. Ra – March Of The Lunar Priests
07. Astral Waves & Astropilot – Karma Cleaner
08. Distant System – Astral Map Error
09. Aes Dana – A Carmine Day
10. Shpongle – The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-Celestial Delights
11. Dhamika – Illusions
12. Moravec – Hyperion
13. Mountain Ash – Ys
14. Paradise Connection – Jeboa-Electrogarden
15. Galaxy – Castle In The Blue Sky
16. Warp Technique – Nightbreak
17. Dense – Moonflower
18. Androcell – Caribbeyond

Length: 2:02:44

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3 thoughts on “Equinox 2013 Opening (Goa Chill)”

  1. My body was not moving while i listened to this, but i will say it goes damn well with traveling around our galaxy! Going back and fourth between two star systems gets boring with no music and i find this better than psytrance in that scenario πŸ™‚

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