Three-Faced Goddess

DJ Shoom – Three-Faced Goddess

threefacedRelease Date: June 23, 2013

Genre: Hecate Goa

Description: As night falls and the Sun sets on this sacred day, we embrace the call of the Three-Faced Goddess, Hecate. The Gaian Mind, Mother Earth, Venus, Nature…the essence of our place on this planet. Shrine and Stone are complete, Moon and Sun in the Sky, begin the metamorphosis.


01. Shoom of Thrones – Maiden, Mother, Crone
02. Shiva3 – Namah Shivaya
03. Evsy – Ugro Shamanistic Movez
04. Koxbox – Next Stop
05. Ka-Sol – Taa Baa Fel 100 Fel
06. Yamabikaya Vs Jikooha – Mt. Meru Calling
07. MK-ULTRA – Sexfish
08. Tim Schuldt – Karma 209
09. Shani Yantra – Fractal Memories
10. Khetzal – Aramean Dreams
11. Asia 2001 – 1666 (Loren-X Remix)
12. SiebZheN – Metaphore

Length: 68:19

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