Cybernetic Prophecy

Neo Noir – Cybernetic Prophecy


Release Date: July 10, 2011

Genre: Techno Noir ambient cyberpunk atmospheres

Description: Listen carefully to the ambient soundscapes and distorted frequencies inside the city. Its dying soul attempts to communicate to its inhabitants, warning them of the peril that will soon come. Technology has saved us from the worries of the natural world, but doomed us to the dystopia of civilization.


01. Vangelis – Main Titles
02. Nanda – Spirit Speaks
03. Tech Itch – Real (Neo Noir Is Here Cut)
04. Audiovoid – Dislex 2.1
05. Josh Abrahams – The Joker
06. Suff-x – Phantasm
07. Temple Headz – Wake Up To The Truth
08. Torma.In.Dub – Biorhythm
09. Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues
10. The Seatbelts – Space Lion
11. Jaia – Evolving To Outside
12. Masala – Lucid Dreams
13. Junkie XL – Beauty Never Fades (Animatrix Edit)
14. Vangelis – Damask Rose
15. Turbon Bloc – As Above So Below
16. Troya Mood – Wicked Mush
17. Saafi Brothers – The Witness
18. Kenji Williams – Progress of the Soul

Length: 94:56

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3 thoughts on “Cybernetic Prophecy”

  1. I just had to say that I really love this set. Over these last couple years I’ve kept coming back to this one and it always sounds great.

    I like the lull to almost ambiance and jazz near the middle of the set including the cowboy bebop soundtrack saxophone piece, and then the rise back up to foreground sounds.

    And placement of the slow and quiet-ending track next to the loud and bold track at 1:04:00 is amazing! That is an awesome buildup to an incredible pumping track. It’s right after the middle lull so in my mind it’s background noise until suddenly boom! There’s 1:04:00 in my face!

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