DJ Shoom – Corrupted


Release Date: May 5, 2009

Genre: Dark psychedelic trance

Description: The shaman of virtue corrupted by the evils of society. Forsaken by the Elder Gods, he descends into the abysmal depths of mental chaos. Shaman has become Sorcerer. Modern civil lies a shun. Truth hidden by masked men. Leaders controlled by puppeteers. Break free from the mold.


01. Neutral Rectifier Syndrome – Bizarre Gardening
02. Audiopathik – Sell Your Soul
03. Para Halu – Stock Overlow rmx
04. Dark Summer – She Cooked
05. Penta – Caparica
06. Paraforce – Deep Forest
07. Frost Raven – Merlin the Wise
08. Jirah – Contact
09. Activate Morlack – Awapawa
10. Subconsciousmind – Death Experience
11. Xamanist – Truth and Beauty
12. Dejan – Error

Length: 74:39

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