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Sense Offense

Sanguine Mandragoa – Sense Offense


Release Date: May 30, 2007

Genre: Revolutionary Psy for the Offenders

Description: When the time comes that the emotions and creativity of the human mind are held captive by the men sitting behind closed doors of the capital buildings of the world, a new revolution will take place. A political revolution, a social revolution, a spiritual revolution. The human mind cannot be limited, nor can the freedom of abstract thought be contained. The will of the human complex is to live on, to express, to make love, and to dance. If this means one must break the unjust laws of our time then so be it. Join us in committing the sense offense.


01. Younger Brother – Epic Hair
02. Prometheus – Samothraki
03. Wingmakers – Phoenix Rising
04. Indica – Afterglow effect
05. Kopfuss Resonator and Joerg – Whipbird
06. Khetzal and Chai – Babylon Beach
07. Cydonia – Lightning Rods
08. Tandu – Alien Pump
09. Orion – Rooster
10. MK-Ultra – Vierge
11. Bon – There is No Turning Back
12. Blisargon Demogorgon – Black Zodiac
13. Wizack Twizack – Drugs ‘n’ Stuff
14. Ka-Sol – Tecmorning
15. Droidlock – Just Another Simulation
16. Rinkadink – Anyone Seen Bender?
17. Prodigal Sun – White Ones (rmx)
18. Deeper In Zen – Shakti
19. Aural – Walk on Earth
20. Poly61 – Elämänsä

Length: 119:35

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Masked Moon

Sanguine Mandragoa – Masked Moon


Release Date:  April 17, 2007

Genre: New Moon Goa

Description: The lunar phases guide the actions of all whom dwell on the planet Earth. But every twenty eight days the Moon hides herself from us all. The time of the Masked Moon is a time of night gathering and celebration. Throw the magical herbs into the bon fire and dance around the hazy smoke. Fill your body with the music that surrounds you and spiral your thoughts upwards to the moon.


01. Cyrus the Virus – Valley of the Kings
02. Quadra – The Tunnel
03. I.B.I.S. – Reaction
04. Graham Wood and Franco Rossi – Resurge
05. Electric Universe – Gaijin Rocker
06. E.S.X.S. – A la Recherche du Yeti
07. Goasia – I’m Ready
08. Goasia – Forest
09. The Infinity Project – The World of the Acid Dealer
10. Astrancer – Dzog Chen
11. Psychaos – Chaos to Order
12. Wizard Lizard – Beat Crasher
13. Wizack Twizack – Ranger from the North
14. The Nommos – The Forest Never Sleeps
15. Double R.E.L. – Scum of the Earth
16. Derango – The Poisonous Square
17. Ka-Sol – Sticky Web
18. Cydonia – Columbian Necktie
19. MK-Ultra – Windhorse
20. F Virus – Happy Happy Joy Joy
21. Salakavala – Juhannes
22. E.S.X.S. – When Sex Begins Primitive
23. Prodigal Sun – Life Mission
24. Chi-A.D. – Astral Warriors (rmx)
25. Xirvana – Eye in the Tunnel
26. Shpongle – Divine Moments of Truth

Length: 153:36

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Prophecy Fulfilled

Sanguine Mandragoa – Prophecy Fulfilled


Release Date: March 29, 2007

Genre: Primordial Goa

Description: Within the underground caves filled with the petrified forests of the ancient world are the two roaming entities whom make up the Sanguine Mandragoa. They are the Shoom and the Bloodwing. One, a shaman of great power and virtue, the other an herbal witch from the old age. United in form and sound they are the catalyst for the goa resurrection. They emerge from the underworld bearing the music of the Goddess. Behold the goa energy, it has been rekindled, and the prophecy has been fulfilled.


01. Soliptic – The Jar
02. Asia 2001 – Orion 2 (Corcovado mix)
03. Cydonia – Animal People
04. Chi-a.d. – Astral Warriors rmx
05. Goasia – Spiritual Connection
06. Vast – Liquid
07. Goasia – Totem
08. Ka-Sol – The Light
09. MK Ultra – Freebass
10. Prodigal Sun – Stargate 456
11. Derango – The Poisonous Square
12. Drummatik – Psychiatric Symphony
13. The Nommos – The Forest Never Sleeps
14. Electrypnose vs. Yab-Yum – Freeze
15. Irschtas – Itchy
16. Double R.E.L. – Scum of the Earth
17. Phobium – Changeless
18. The Nommos – Magma
19. Derango – We’re All Mad Here (rmx)

Length: 118:54

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