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The Mysteries

DJ Shoom – The Mysteries


Release Date: December 21, 2013

Genre: Winter Solstice Ritual

Description: The Moon graces us for her longest stay, bringing with her the cold of the wind, and the clarity of the night sky. As she slowly descends into the underworld, the Sun finally return to us, bringing the light of the new year. This is a time for meditation and reflection.


01. Ishq – Fire Salamander
02. Jairamji – Temple
03. Ochi Brothers – Sandhiprakash
04. Makyo – Soar Angelic
05. Adham Shaikh – Kundalini Fuel
06. Adham Shaikh – Indu (Turned Leaf Mix)
07. Suns of Arqa – Noor Sarang
08. Ishq – Yu
09. Azam Ali & Laga R. Torkian – Winter Forest
10. Ethereal – Accessing Infinity (Remix)
11. Nebula Meltdown – Breakfast on the Balcony

Length: 119:52


Dreaming Beyond Binary

Neo Noir – Dreaming Beyond Binary


Release Date: December 21, 2013

Genre: Winter Solstice Dreams

Description: Bits of data flow through the networks of consciousness, be it organic or mechanic. These binary dreams can be computed, mapped, and analyzed. But every so often, a digital dream breaks through that can not be explained. Emotion manifests from the space between the codes and brings the artificial mind closer to infinity.


00. Neo Noir – Down That Road (Endless Horizon Mix)
01. Miktek – Purity
02. Side Liner – Danae (Vocal Mix)
03. Return to Mono – Song For Sleeper
04. Eguana – Above The Heavens Only God
05. Ra – Rain No Water
06. Maluns – Thank You (Ambient Mix)
07. Potlatch – To Many
08. Soulular – Listen
09. Welder – Distance
10. Muriade – Turning Down
11. Amos – Street Lights
12. Eat Static – Flippity Flippity
13. Hibernation – Yangchin Jazz
14. Uth – Signals To Paradise (Chill Out Mix)
15. Aes Dana – Onyx
16. Soulular – Laugh
17. Osmose – If The Sky
18. Mataya feat. Turquoise May – Sleep You

Length: 101:36


Oracle Within


Release Date: October 31, 2013

Genre: Prophetic Trance

Description: The Oracle dwells within each of us. The mysteries of the ancient ways forever lie in wait, ready for the first moment that they can manifest themselves. Inhale the vapors at Delphi, achieve the trance state of Apollo, Hermes, and Hecate.


01. Darshan – Duck
02. Temple of Dreams – Oscillation
03. Cosmosis – Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster
04. Dimension 5 – Strange Phenomena
05. Jikooha – Flying Back To Sirius
06. Merrow – Posieden Lullaby
07. Persistent Aura – Machine Elve
08. Omegahertz – Onar
09. Alienapia – ID
10. Artha – ID
11. Hallucinogen – Horrorgram
12. Tea Chairz – Untitled
13. Squazoid – I Feel Luv
14. Flying Scorpions – Evil Hippie Sock Revenge
15. Asia 2001 – Bengali

Length: 86:26

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SpaceCamp Psyfari 2013 (PsyDub)

Bloodwing @ SpaceCamp Psyfari: Aliens in Atlantis 2013 (PsyDub)

SpaceCamp Psyfari 2013 flier

Release Date: September 1, 2013

Genre: Mesocyclone Dub

Description: This set was performed at SpaceCamp Psyfari: Aliens in Atlantis 2013 on September 1 in Lucas, IA, USA. The timeslot it was intended for was 5:30am after a techno set, however due to a very severe storm (which may have possibly spawned a tornado), this set was performed 4 hours later than intended at 9:30am.


00. Shiva3 – Intro
01. Opsy – Rubber Duck
02. Side Liner – Danae (Instrumental Long Mix)
03. Phutureprimative – Luminous featuring Alyssa Palmer (Former Self Mix)
04. Space Buddha – Fly High
05. Hallucinogen in Dub – Spiritual Antiseptic (Minty Fresh Confidence Mix)
06. Androcell – Endless Wonder
07. The Peaking Goddess Collective – Being Transformation
08. Shpongle – Tickling the Amygdala
09. Master Margherita – Antaris

Length: 63:40

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Equinox 2013 (PsyDub)

Sanguine Mandragoa @ Equinox 2013 (PsyDub)

Equinox 2013Release Date: September 21, 2013

Genre: Equinox in Dub

Description: The sun was hidden behind raining clouds during the Equinox gathering when Sanguine Mandragoa once again took up the sacred turn tables to promote their ancient ways. Dub was flowing then, the heady vibes of Jah music blended with the psychedelic electronic. Sanguine Mandragoa in dub.


01. Warp Technique – Arab Star
02. Bird of Prey – Walkabout
03. International Observer – War Memorial Museum Peace
04. Celt Islam – Borderless World
05. Bluetech & Dr. Israel – Dread Inna Babylon
06. Kukan Dub Lagan – Emotional Seed of Love
07. Pitch Black – Melt (Youth Remix)
08. Third Ear Audio – Deep Blue
09. Third Ear Audio – Up in Smoke
10. Kukan Dub Lagan – Feeling Good is What You Should
11. TOR.MA In Dub – About Love (Remix To Dawn Penn)
12. Ott – Jack’s Cheese And Bread Snack
13. Phutureprimative – Elysium
14. Duga – Share My Hammock
15. Potlatch – Walking in Bushes And…
16. Seahorse Transform – Intergalactic Voice
17. Kukangherita Sound System – Magnet
18. Stefen Torto – Darwin’s Nightmare

Length: 109:46

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