Sanguine Mandragoa – Bloodstained


Release Date: September 17, 2009

Genre: Sacrificial Dark Psychedelic Trance

Description: Pain and anguish. Suffering and torment. The free peoples of Earth imprisoned by dominating cultures. Forced into servitude and subject to mind control. But wait, from the depths of the jungle come the two forces of nature: Shoom and Bloodwing. The connection made creates Sanguine Mandragoa. Performing the ancient blood magic and worshiping the old Gods, they harness the power of the inner self. Manifesting sound into raw materia and igniting the energy of the cosmic serpent.


01. Necton – This Is Weird
02. Zabra – Waterworld
03. Psychoheads – Crazy Raver
04. Axis Mundi – Cybercheese
05. Tandu – Naughty Moves
06. Ka-Sol – No Return
07. Prodigal Sun – Morph
08. Xenomorph – Haunted
09. Xamanist – I’m Just Amazed
10. The Nommos – Mountains of the Moon
11. Dark Summer – Clash of Worlds
12. Fungus Funk – Harmful & Wrong
13. Bon – Nameless In Chaos
14. Wizack Twizack – Satans Little Helper
15. Guinea Pigs – Voyage
16. Pz2 – Des Trip Laids
17. Voodoo – Ganesha’s Revenge
18. Adrenaline Drum – 131 Lords
19. Zirkin vs n3xu5 – Tooth Fairy
20. Xenomorph – Qlippoth

Length: 117:08

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