Back From Exile

DJ Shoom – Back From Exile


Release Date: May 6, 2008

Genre: Mental psy and future goa

Description: DJ Shoom is back from exile and he bears with him the wrath of Nature. Wandering for ages, through the harsh barren landscapes of the future, he came across the final forest. Deep within was gathered a great many people, dancing in unison to the sacred woods. Shoom showed them the mystical goa records and the following set was played.  This set was used in Herbal Remedies (May 2008).


01. Xenomorph – Haunted
02. Prodigal sun – Space Crawler
03. Orichalcum – Wicked Mile
04. Droidlock – Silly Rabbit
05. Para Halu on the Path – Babylon
06. Drumatik – Killing Zoo rmx
07. Guinea Pigs – Crowd Control
08. Furious – Tired 4 Night
09. Penta – Too Cold
10. Scorb vs Tenzing – Cack-o-Phony
11. Goblin – Bad Trip
12. GMS – Jaws
13. Shakta – Ten Times Around the Sun
14. Asia 2001 – The Prayer
15. Goasia – Space Travellers
16. Pigs in Space – Visitors (Part 2)
17. Digital Sun – Morning Glory
18. Dimension 5 – Omega Centaurus
19. Ra – Beyond Control
20. Slackbaba – The Divine Unity

Length: 121:38

You can find DI user posts on this mix at the Digitally Imported forum or feel free to leave your comments below!
downloadlinkThe art used in the mix graphic was painted by Nori T and available from Epilogue.net

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