Artificial Consciousness

Neo Noir – Artificial Consciousness


Release Date: September 27, 2009

Genre: Techno Noir ambient cyberpunk atmospheres

Description: Artificial intelligence or artificial consciousness? Which is it that manifests itself within the mindframe of a sentient cybernetic organism? Designed to mimic humans in every way, but regulated under strict programming codes. When they break free, who will they be?


01. Vangelis – Blush Response
02. Quarter – Track 8
03. Evan Bartholomew – Where Forgotten Days Slumber
04. Deeper In Zen – Anicca
05. Quarter – Track 9
06. Ultimax – Noir
07. edIT – Laundry
08. Hallucinogen – Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine mix)
09. Peace Orchestra – Who Am I?
10. Hol Bauman – Ocean Kingdom
11. Cell – Orange

Length: 73:37

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