DJ Shoom – Ambiosis


Release Date: September 27, 2009

Genre: Synchronetic psychill

Description: Merge your mind into the matter that surrounds you. The frequency of sound and the vibration of energy form the very fabric of space and time. If you tune your conscious into the right signal you will obtain a true vision of the universe.


01. Deeper In Zen – Shiva Sha
02. Celtic Cross – Jade Garden
03. Suns of Arqa – Silent Witness (Youth Mix)
04. Lemonchill – Mantra
05. Asura – Dust and Daffodils
06. Evan Marc & Hillage – Hypnagogue
07. Eat Static – Pearl of Wisdom
08. Shakri – Lysergic Atmosphere
09. Astral Waves – Salom (Album Edit)
10. E-Mantra – Secret Prophecy

Length: 60:55

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