Alien Experience

Sanguine Mandragoa – Alien Experience

Release Date: July 1, 2008

Genre: Galactic goa and Solar Psy

Description: An encounter of extra-terrestrial nature. The contact to another race of beings. Aliens from other galaxies, other dimensions, and other universes. Who are they? Why are they here? The future holds key to their existence. Our presence on this planet baits their intrigue. An experimentation of life on a small blue orb.  This set was used in Herbal Remedies (July 2008).


01. Cujorious One – Speaker Bite Me
02. Prometheus – Oz
03. M.E.E.O. – Lowrider Mono to Phono
04. Hallucinogen – Dark Magus
05. Astral Projection – People Can Fly
06. Ra – Transcendent
07. E-Mantra – Moon Horns
08. Chi-A.D – Astral Warriors (rmx)
09. Shakta – Ten Times Around the Sun
10. Toi Doi – Replicant
11. Asia 2001 – The Last Survivors
12. Digital Sun – The Attack
13. Dimension 5 – Antidote
14. Doof – Let’s Turn On
15. Sneila – Flying Objects Always Reach the Ground
16. Subcouds – Green Flow
17. Shamanic Tribes on Acid – Into the Next Dimension
18. Bon – Activision
19. Rinkadink – Stampede
20. Molokow – Hydroponic Circuit (mountain king mix)

Length: 117:53

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