Advice from a Mushi Master

DJ Shoom – Advice from a Mushi Master


Release Date: December 22, 2012

Genre: Cold Moon PsyChill

Description: The cold winds bring ice and snow, and the sun sets after its brief visit. Will the sun return to us after this long night of winter? Fear not the cold moon overheard, she bathes us in her own light and offers the sanctuary we need.


01. Connect.Ohm – Fossil
02. Sync24 – 1N50MN14
03. Kick Bong – Flower Power (Side Liner Remix)
04. Return to Mono – Song For Sleepers
05. Potlatch – Vacuum Conversation (Mix Version)
06. Tor.Ma In Dub – Prayer
07. Stress Assassin – Emotion Trakker
08. Drum and Bass Heads – Force of Light
09. Shpongle – Monster Hit
10. Andreas – The Enchanted Water Front
11. Voxel 9 – Calls of Nature
12. Essa 3 – Sundial
13. Stefan Torto – Darwin’s Nightmare
14. Bageshree – Bhakti
15. Lumin – Tashto

Length: 93:21

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