Acceleration’s Edge

DJ Shoom – Acceleration’s Edge


Release Date: June 23, 2012

Genre: Goa for the End of Times

Description: Our novelty fluctuates a deep resonance through space-time that conspires its thread of fate to be intertwined with the Universe as a Whole. The ever increasing rate of expansion of our existence brings use to the tipping point, the edge of our acceleration. Are you prepared to step behind this edge, to leave behind the known Universe and enter the next?


01. Hypnagogia – Secrets Of The Mind
02. Ra – Lifethread
03. Artifact303 – Close Encounter
04. Alienapia – Secret Symbols
05. Sky Technology – Reactor Of Life
06. Antares – Dreaming Universe
07. Shamanic Tribes On Acid – Cosmic Snowballs
08. Frequalizer – Defining Moment
09. Amphibian – Lungfish
10. Nasqbandi – Hal 2001
11. Slinky Wizard – Funkus Munkus
12. Total Eclipse – Blade Runner
13. Tandu – The System
14. Hallucinogen – Shakey Shaker
15. GMS – Red Light
16. Dragonwyke – The Glaisting
17. Jyotish – 1000 Little Indians

Length: 101:15

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