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Welcome to the sanctum of the Shoom and Mixtress Bloodwing. An enclave of magical witchcraft and shamanic offerings. Occultic minds of pagan ancestry. Blood and ritual sacrifice. Patrons of the plant kingdom and keepers of the fungal allies. Chaotic. Neutral. Entities in balance and equilibrium. The sound of the living, breathing Earth and Her celestrial home in the cosmos.

Herein lies the musical scrolls left behind by Shoom and Bloodwing. They go by many names in many lands and gathered in this vault include their aliases of Sanguine Mandragoa and the Lotus Eaters.

Collected also are the writings of gh0zt and botanical and mycological information.


Origins Update!

July 20th, 2014 by

Big update to Origins. All episodes up till July 2014 now available for download!


January 18th, 2014 by

Updated Origins to January 2014! Also, uploaded my Winter Solstice 2013 Mix “The Mysteries” as well as Neo Noir – Dreaming Beyond Binary

New Mixes Uploaded from SpaceCamp Psyfari and Equinox Festivals

October 7th, 2013 by

Shoom, Bloodwing, and Sanguine Mandragoa have posted sets from their festival experiences this summer!  Check them out!!!

Shoom @ SpaceCamp Psyfari

Bloodwing @ SpaceCamp Psyfari – PsyDub
Bloodwing @ SpaceCamp Psyfari – Goa

Sanguine Mandragoa @ Equinox – Opening (Goa Chill)
Sanguine Mandragoa @ Equinox (PsyDub)